Friday, May 8, 2009

On Rituals, Beliefs, Religions

There is a saying in Tamil that goes like "what we have learnt is fist-size and what we don't know is the size of the world". That saying is very apt for anyone who claims to know everything and wants to be the gold standard. I merely wish to express my views and let the reader see the world like I do.

It is common belief that religions were born to organize a generally chaotic society. God is central to any religion (how about scientology?). The purpose of the belief in God is to take away ones ego and place it on something other than self. This process is self-purifying. God is also the embodiment of all good values. In the Hindu mythology, for example, Ram practiced monogamy, heeded to his father be whatever. When we pray to God, we glorify such virtues. We wish to practice such good values and ask for the strength to hold the 3Hs (humble, helpful, honest).

Now onto rituals. I see the purpose to be two-fold, one more scientific than the other. Number one, a ritual is a process to express belief in God in thousand different ways and reinforce the idea - human brain is forgetful. The second reason is that Gods like certain processes - like in Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesha likes kozhukattie. We do everything we can to please the God, to get His/Her attention and we do it the way pleases them. The specific processes to be followed to please the Gods are written in the scriptures. The particular mantras to be recited are mentioned therein as well.

Many people question the very existence of God. There are also extremists who claim their God is the only God and every non-believer will go to "hell". It is certainly true that man did not create the world. There is proof that earth was created billions of years ago and human beings are more recent creations. Who created this universe? Nobody knows. There are a huge body of people who think it is God. I am also one of them. I don't have the strength and the knowledge to prove otherwise. I am just a minute part in the whole scheme of things. For my part, I will follow the usual rituals, listen to the religious discourses and hope that God will show me the right path, the path of least resistance. From a practical point of view, it allows me to be disciplined, hold good morals, be generally nice, fine-tune my brain so I can do my job well. I stop short of being part of any clique or community since that will require rigor. This works well for me. Well, at-least, so far.

It can be better.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Blog About Blogs

These are my observations about blogging and bloggers.

Blogging has its positives. In expressing thoughts, we find some pattern in our way of thinking and that helps in stream-lining. Sometimes, it is good to write about stuff to leave thoughts behind and move on. We also can use this as a sounding board for our ideas. Many times we talk to our inner soul (during prayers) to get answers to difficult questions. Blogging is like that. Besides, the circle of friends/followers of the blog will feedback and there will be a healthy exchange of ideas.

There are negatives. First, blogging is seen, sometimes, as a sign of weakness - sort of like exposing all your trumps in a game of cards - a tell-all of ones mind. Plus, there is always a fear for personal security. It is important not to give out identities in this age. Last but not least, blogging is also considered a waste of space and time.

While most of these points are debatable, blogging should be done in the right spirit and will then serve its purpose.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I like to work on complex and challenging tasks but I get even the mundane tasks done as fast as I can. I feel like life presents each of us with challenges that need to be taken seriously. I need to work on enjoying life. I do believe that work done out of interest gets done better next only to work done out of need.

I like to read on a variety of topics and the interest changes over time. I have never finished lengthy novels and tend to like short stories with an interesting twist. I like to read politics, business, science and technology, but never wordy prose and thesis. I like to read the sports page on the aftermath of a big event, especially cricket. Rarely, I read technical books. I feel authoring is an art and very few get it right. It is vey difficult to engage a fleeting mind for a long time without a conversation style writing.

I like to listen to melodious music and sing in the bathroom. I am quick in grasping the tunes and repeating it. I feel this quality could be acquired. Apparently, learning or performing music, or at the very least, listening to music is good for conditioning the brain, and I have experienced this first hand.

I like to play Volleyball a lot. Recently, my team came very close to winning a tournament (24-26, 25-20, 24-26) and I thoroughly enjoyed the heart thumping performance and the team spirit. I helped in team strategizing and played my very best in a long time. I would like to become a volleyball coach and looking for avenues.

I have started liking chess lately. I feel chess provides valuable lessons for life - patience, decision making, focus/concentration. I used to hate chess, as a child, thinking that it is a very laid back game and only nerds would play it. Especially, the lack of physical activity, I felt, was a no-no. I have learnt that it is useful as a mind game. I plan to continue that as a hobby. When my son grows, I want to play with him. My wife plays decent chess even without much practise. I was happy when I defeated her the first time after weeks of playing against the computer.

I like to talk about philosophy of life and spirituality. I have experienced a few different philosophies but I could not take it all the way. I feel meditation and prayers are very important for conditioning the brain. I would like to start meditating on a regular basis and experiment.


I have written and rewritten the first lines many times, this blog being my first ever. I am not a natural writer and lots of thoughts come and I fight to organize them.

I intend to make my blogs interesting with some thought provoking ideas, so readers will be tempted to come back and read more. I would like to use this as a window to express myself freely, invite thoughts and learn from others.

I began a lengthy note about what I am so as to tell the reader on what to expect from my blogs but I have decided that words should speak for themselves. In general, I tend to be a little wordy and I will work on becoming short and sweet.

I would like to do something worth-while with my life and I have this desire to make a name for myself.

I have varied interests. And, I am good at few things. I have not figured out anything that I am exceptional at, yet. I have made this a mission in itself.

I have my strengths and weaknesses. I work hard and play hard. I tend to grasp things fast and respect others ideas. I have a tendency to be misunderstood. I am an emotional person. I get branded as a little hasty but I tend to do lots of background thinking before I make a decision.

I have a beautiful and loving wife and a handsome 2 year old boy who simply amazes me all the time. My parents live abroad and so does my younger sister.